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The Story of 463 Picks

From an early age I always enjoyed taking pictures. Something about capturing a moment in time preserving a memory fascinated me. Whether photographing animals, insects, sunsets, landscapes or family I feel my task is to tell a story through the lens. 

My first camera was a Brownie Hawkeye box camera that shot 620 film. From there I progressed through several cameras to the one I am using today, the Sony Mark 7RIV mirrorless digital. The high resolution and capabilities continue to allow me to improve my work greatly. In 2020 I was blessed to have a pair of Big Horned Owlets reared in our backyard. Spying these magnificent creatures captivated my attention and spurred me on to photograph them, rekindling the passion for photography. I find the eyes most intriguing along with the beautiful feathers that allow the Big Horned owl to blend in with the trees. 

Sharing my pictures with family, friends and business associates lead to the startup of 463 Pics. You may wonder why 463 Pics was chosen, if you look at your phone keypad you will see that the letters associated with the numbers spell God. He is the creator of all things great and small. He has given me the ability and opportunity to use my skill to show off His creation.

12 December cooper hawk DSC04150.JPG
Camera from Above

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